Pieters’ own right

Pieter Pottenkijker takes a stand | 2

Everyone knows a person who always has to be right. For example, your boss who knows that he is wrong, but still lectures you. Or your girlfriend, who just keeps going when it’s obvious that she’s only making a fool of herself with her weak arguments. know-it-all. hotheads. However, Pieter Pottenkijker has another name for them: vulnerable. “People who always tend to be right have fragile egos,” he says. “I should know that, because I generally know better, but I’m also a nephew in a way, and therefore vulnerable. Yet I know how to hide it behind a wall of frankness. I do this by presenting my opinion in the form of a clear statement for discussion. This leads to wonderful discussions over breakfast, lunch, dinner or over the coffee machine. Unfortunately I can’t hear it, because I won’t be there then. Anyway, my goal has already been achieved: I have given my opinion, and it is up to the reader to let me know what he or she thinks about it.” Pieter Pottenkijker would therefore like to hear the reactions to this (second) collection of his ideas.


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