How do you look?

Who knows his limitations, has none!

Participation is important for everyone. Whether it’s work, sports or travel. That does not matter. Pieter Pottenkijker dares to say that no one likes standing on the social sidelines and being allowed to watch. Yet – by Pieter himself – a lot is still being looked at and judged on things that people cannot do. It is often difficult for people with disabilities to show what they are good at, they first have to get rid of all prejudices.

In the Netherlands, 2 million people have a disability. They are visually impaired, blind or deaf, psychological problems, a physical or mental disability. Whoever speaks to them often hears them talking about this limitation. They are almost always right about what they can do.

Pieter puts himself in their position and gets to know them as ‘people with their own capabilities and skills’.

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