The book list

Pubernootje & Juul and the book list

The compulsory reading list in secondary schools is disastrous for reading pleasure among young people. Not only the writers are convinced of this. Grandpa Pieter Pottenkijker also knows that having to read is death in the pot. The love of reading should not be tampered with. You have to learn to read in a playful way. I also find it annoying to read compulsory books. I read books because I hear about them. Or because it concerns a subject that interests me. Books that must be read soon serve as coasters, napkins, replacement of a wheel under an office chair or paperweight. Books that are fun, I hear stories about that! Grandpa Pieter Pottenkijker also learns this from his adolescent grandchildren Pubernootje and Juul.

Download “Pubernootje & Juul and the book list” for free.

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